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Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Our wide range of shampoo products offer need based solutions.The Anti-dandruff Shampoo is made of Zinc Pyrithione Complex and Lemon Grass Extract. This combination prevents dandruff flaking, purifies and helps sooth the scalp.The Daily Shine Shampoo is for dry hair. It’s Smooth Intense with sodium PCA, Polyquaternium conditioner and silk protein transforms unruly hair to smooth manageable hair.The Avocado shampoo is enriched with naturally moisturizer avocado butter, this shampoo helps retain moisture in hair making dry and damaged hair look healthier.The Aloe Vera shampoo provides nourishing and extraconditioning treatment that leaves hair detangled, manageable, soft and shiny. Protein repairs and strengthens dry hair while Aloe Vera gently moisturises.The Amla- Neem Shampoo is a great combination of various herbs - Amla, Hibiscus, Heena, Neem, Wheatgerm Oil and Soy Lecithin. Indian gooseberry (Amla), for centuries, has been known to be effective for growth of healthy black hair, while wheat germ oil acts as an antioxidant, soy lecithin softens and repairs damaged hair thus reducing the dryness and brittleness associated with lack of nutrients necessary for a healthy hair growth, while neem and methi seed extracts deeply nourish and condition the hair roots thus controlling excessive hair fall.

Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioner is a hair care product that changes the texture and appearance of hair. Hair conditioners are often a viscous liquid that is applied to the hair and massaged into the hair. Hair conditioner is usually used after washing the hair with shampoo. Hair conditioners may contain moisturizers, oils and sunscreen, among other ingredients.

Hair Cream

Hair Cream gently and effectively removes dandruff while keeping hair nourished and moisturized. It soothes an itchy and flaky scalp, which in turn helps strengthen the hair shaft and control hair fall.

Hair Serum

It is a combination of various silicones that give you instant conditioning feeling.

Hair Gel

It contains a refreshing, non-evaporating formula with natural extract to give your hair a brilliant, healthy-looking shine. It's never sticky, and there's no residue. Just a perfect, long-lasting hold.

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